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7-17-15 Lighting Cones by Patchy9
7-17-15 Lighting Cones

Like spheres. But cones. A good second step in my lighting learning fun!

Same principles apply in regards to applying primary, secondary, and bounced lighting to simple forms. However, unlike the sphere, there are two planes to be aware of (technically 3 if you consider the edge between them). No cast shadows, so it looks a little wonky. 

To be honest, I’m not sure how ‘correct’ these are, but just gotta keep practicin’!

7-15-15 Chitoge Process by Patchy9
7-15-15 Chitoge Process

Thought I’d share some process with you guys too. I’m usually pretty slow and inefficient. But this one took the slow and inefficient cake. 

I don’t even know why I drew the forms out on section 2. Ended up just adjusting everything by eye anyway. Or maybe it helped on some unconscious level. 

7-15-15 Chitoge by Patchy9
7-15-15 Chitoge

Before anyone asks, I’m actually on the tachibana boat. She’s crazy with a capital ‘K’ and I lurve her character. 

That said, chitoge is def the most visually unique of the 3 and I really like her design overall. Still too scared to touch full color. But varying saturation and luminosity in the flats and gradients is okay. 

7-13-15 Lighting Sphere by Patchy9
7-13-15 Lighting Sphere

Going back to basics on a lot of things. This is one that I really wanted to touch back on: lighting. Up to this point, I’ve only used either global or a single source of dim light in my drawings. Noticed that a lot of the big boys and girls in art use multiple sources and it. looks. awesome. 

Upon further investigation and research, I found that they not only do they use a secondary source sometimes, but also things like bounced lighting and rim lighting to add craaazy 3-dimensionality to their pieces. 

I want that. So it’s practice + learning time, beginning with basic shapes and forms. It looks off to me, but we’ll get there. More attempts to come!



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I've been a lurker on this community for about a year, just admiring the art and browsing. Finally was inspired enough and worked up the courage to take a swing at it. So Christmas 2013, picked up a sketchbook, some pencils and decided to learn to draw. Deviantart tutorials have been super awesome at teaching and I've recently picked up a tablet so I hope to keep posting up stuff and track my progress.

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Thank you for faving my tutorial, I hope you'll find it useful. :)
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